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Using Learn Codes in AR LaunchPad

To see your content in the AR LaunchPad Experience Viewer app during your trial, your account will have what's called a Learn Code. This is a code up in the top right of your dashboard when you've signed in, which is entered into the LEARN side of the free Experience Viewer app linked below. Once entered, you can scan any experiences you've added to your account and see the content come alive!

Step-By-Step Instructions:
  1. Open the AR LaunchPad Experience Viewer app
  2. Open Menu and tap Switch Modes
  3. Tap Learn Codes button
  4. Type your code into the text box
  5. Press the plus button when it changes to darker red.
    If the code is valid, it will add the code to the list.
  6. Press back, and app will sync your content


Download the free AR LaunchPad Experience Viewer App to see your experiences come to life.

To experience content created with the AR LaunchPad platform, download our AR LaunchPad app, available for free on both Android and iOS devices.

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