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We help our clients tell an immersive story by creating additional value, engagement and enhancing overall interactive learning experience with their brand, marketing, products or services.

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AR LaunchPad Platform

With our augmented reality platform and free viewer app, it is easy to create engaging AR experiences without writing a single line of code. With our intuitive interface, you'll be creating AR projects in no time!

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AR Conversion Services

Use the content you already have or make something new! We convert your existing videos, printed materials, signage, flyers, sales sheets, direct mailers, packaging, etc. and convert them into an engaging AR experience.

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Interactive Design Services

We specialize in creating rich interactive content: AR experiences, web apps, custom AR apps (IOS & Android), websites, micro kiosks, videos, displays, print materials, 3D modeling, UI, UX and more.

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AR Project Consulting Services

Need custom content but not sure where to start? No problem! We will work with you every step of the way to create fully immersive and engaging AR projects. Contact us today to talk about your next project!

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With a keen eye for producing interactive digital content to maximize the overall user experience, our award winning team produces multi-layered content that enhances reach, engagement, and overall user appeal.

Our Awesome Clients

The team at VizVibe is ready to help you tell your story in a modern, interactive, and dynamic way. Let's create something amazing!

Augmented Reality is the real-time delivery of digital content that creates an interactive user experience. Brochures, catalogs, books, posters, signs, reports, and story cards can all come to life through the addition of "digital media layers".

Digital content can be as simple as a picture or PDF, or as advanced as a video, greenscreen video, or 3D model.

Augmented Reality dates back to the early '60s, but its real power has come about with the advent of smart mobile devices and increased bandwidth.

The possibilities are virtually endless!

Many experienced their first taste of augmented reality in the popular game Pokémon Go, but there is now an ever expanding range of commercial and consumer applications. If you are looking to enhance a user experience, then AR is a tool for you to consider.

Here are a few areas our customers are currently using AR in:

  • Agriculture
  • Conferences
  • Documentaries
  • Economic Development
  • Education
  • Farming
  • Financial Services
  • Healthcare
  • History
  • Holiday Greeting Cards
  • Literature
  • Programs
  • Real Estate
  • School Yearbooks
  • Tourism
  • Training
  • Transportation
  • Wedding Invitations


At VizVibe, we're excited to help you leverage your existing content investments in new ways! With our proprietary AR LaunchPad platform, you don't need to know coding to create great interactive experiences.

Need a little more help getting your content ready? No problem! Our communication arts team offers a complete range of AR conversion services to help you create first-class experiences with the content you already have.

Yes we can!

VizVibe offers a full range of customized solutions and services to help with the creation of new digital content. Our communication arts team loves working with clients from all types of industries to create the custom interactive experience you are looking for.

Let's talk about the project you have in mind!

At VizVibe we pride ourselves on delivering outstanding customer experiences. With our proprietary AR development platform, customers can use their existing content to create interactive experiences in as little as "five clicks". Need help creating new content? Our experienced communication arts team can assist there too!

Are you an educator?

At VizVibe we're proud of our educational roots. We recognize the challenges teachers are facing to create engaged student learning opportunities in remote situations.

We are committed to educating our future generations so try a year on us for FREE to create your own interactive experiences - with our EDUCATOR PACKAGE you can let students create theirs too! Our educator offering also comes with access to our shared library of educator projects to help you get started bringing classroom content to life!

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The Lands at Hillside Farms

Project Deliverables:
Web App, Micro/Portable Kiosks, Website, Custom CMS & AR Experiences

The Lands at Hillside Farms was looking for a way to further engage clientele before and after their experience at the farms. With the web app and portable micro kiosks, they are able to continue their mission and provide virtual tours, historical swipe throughs and educate about the farm, events and camps. The website is another vital piece of the puzzle in the overall experience we created with them.

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Lackawanna Heritage Valley Authority

Project Deliverables:
Progressive Web App & Responsive Website & Custom CMS, Micro Kiosk(s), Video Display, Custom CMS, Project Management & Mobile Display

Lackawanna Heritage Valley was looking to update their web presence and wanted to provide valuable resources for the trail's visitors as they explored and discovered all the region has to offer. These resources cover the Heritage Valley Trail, reaching from Pittston, PA through Scranton, PA and ending near the Pennsylvania/New York state border. VizVibe created an interactive swipe through history, trail information, real time weather reports, mapping, information about regional and national parks, all of which provided a rich experience when visiting the area. The website features VizVibe's customized CMS for the staff to easily and quickly make changes and updates.

Previously, the Lackawanna Heritage Valley Authority was looking to engage visitors to the region as they enjoyed all that the Lackawanna County Heritage Valley had to offer. We created a multi-layered interactive web app, mobile micro kiosks, digital signage and a custom portable exhibit/display which featured information about regional and national parks. The Micro Kiosk(s) are portable and re-programmable so they can be utilized for events, fund raisers and to generate continued interest with the Heritage Valley in the coming years. The exhibit display was featured at the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton International Airport and has traveled to multiple locations through the last several years. It now lives in the new Lackawanna Heritage Valley Authority Greeting Center.

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Selma to Montgomery
Spider Martin Collection (Exhibit)

Project Deliverables:
AR Deck, AR Booklet, AR Viewer App, Micro Kiosk, Exhibit AR Pieces & Marketing Materials

The Selma to Montgomery project focused on the civil rights movement of the 1960’s, specifically around the three pivotal marches in 1965. The project focused on the vast collection of Alabama photojournalist, James "Spider" Martin, and his photographic record of this pivotal time in American civil rights history. One of VizVibe’s specialties is to take historical information and go beyond the documentary. We create an organic experience that viewers of all ages can use to engage with the storyline. Through augmented reality, history comes alive like never before. Through the use of video, image, audio and 3D content, one could move through the three marches and explore from all angles.

(Created Exclusively for the Spider Martin “Selma to Montgomery” Exhibit)

See Spider Martin's Work

Solar Space AR

Project Deliverables:
Custom Design & Development - AR App & AR Cards/Deck

An immersive and engaging STEM based AR app that explores the wonders of our neighboring planets and beyond! VizVibe’s AR Decks, along with the Solar Space AR app, give you unprecedented access to augmented reality content with the app's built in AR scanner/player. Discover the planets, space travel, and start exploring Solar Space AR today. When using the AR scanner/player on our mobile app, users are able to view dynamically layered content. Solar Space AR is best used under normal lighting conditions.

Educators & STEM Programs!
Solar Space AR can be used to help students learn about the solar system at home or in the classroom. Looking for a way to engage your K-12 students with the solar system? Look no further! Solar Space AR is a great educational tool for K-12 schools, teachers, students and STEM programs. Contact us today for special educational pricing or to learn more about Solar Space AR Decks and other interactive learning materials by VizVibe.

Solar Space AR Downloads

Doc Vibe’s Robot Factory

Project Deliverables:
Custom Design & Development - AR App & AR Cards/Deck

Using Doc Vibe's Robot Factory app together with the Robot AR Cards/Decks, users of all ages can build and control a variety of robots in augmented reality!

Doc Vibe's Robot Factory App is the complementary app used along with the AR Robot Cards/Decks to engage viewers of all ages in a fun filled learning experience. Use the app to view your own robot creations in AR on your phone or tablet. The app allows you to build the robot and control its movements. Our six sets of AR Robot Cards/Decks are fully interchangeable, allowing for literally hundreds of robot combinations.

Educators & STEM Programs!
Doc Vibe's Robot Factory is an engaging and fun way for educators and parents to engage their students with STEM based learning and is for anyone that is interested in robotics. This product can be used as a way to enhance learning from home or in the classroom. Doc Vibe's Robot Factory can be used as an educational tool for K-12 schools, teachers, students and STEM programs. Contact us today for special educational pricing or to lean more about Doc Vibe's Robot Factory - AR Robot Deck Packs and other interactive learning materials by VizVibe.

Doc Vibe's Robot Factory Downloads

AR LaunchPad PRO & LEARN

Our Augmented Reality Platform (IP)

Story is everything. AR LaunchPad PRO & LEARN can help with augmenting that story by adding value and enhancing the learning experience. If properly used, AR can be an extremely engaging educational, social, and marketing tool. AR LaunchPad allows you to add value in a cost effective, time effective, user-friendly, intuitive manner.

AR is not a replacement for educators or your marketing efforts, but rather an enhancer to take learning and marketing to the next level of engagement. Think of it as another vital tool in your tool belt. We understand time constraints in the education field, especially when it comes to learning new technologies. AR LaunchPad is an augmented reality platform created with you in mind. No coding, no special software to learn, with a few clicks your AR project is ready to launch.

Experience the AR LaunchPad Platform!

Download the AR LaunchPad Experience Viewer App on Apple (iOS) or Android and check our gallery of featured content on the AR LaunchPad site to see AR for yourself.

Project Deliverables:
Custom Design & Development

Unlike native apps, where you need to download and install from an app store, our progressive web apps are accessible through the internet via a mobile internet connection. This means our apps don't install on your device. Simply go to the URL, save the icon to your home screen, and it will look and function just like a traditional app.

A key feature for the platform was to provide clients with a straightforward system with speed and ease of use in mind. These apps can be used for industry training, information, events, conferences, outreach, products, services and so much more.

Though no-one can guarantee functionality on every device, myconferenceapps have a proven track record working with a majority of mobile devices.

More and more, companies are moving away from native apps due to budget and time constraints. Plus our web apps are pretty cool!

Visit to learn more.

Northeast Freight Transfer & Shale Rail

Website, Mobile Web App & Branding & Custom CMS
Custom Design & Development, Website/Web App, Branding, Multimedia & Design

Northeast Freight Transfer & Shale Rail were looking to update their web presence and create an interactive web app that would engage clients and bring the two brands together under one site - RAILSTRONG.


Suzanne Kapral

Project Deliverables:
Social Media, Branding, Audo & Video Podcast Production, Custom Content Creation, Web development & Graphic/Digital Design

Suzanne is a TedX Speaker, Keynote Speaker, Court Appointed Special Advocate for Children (CASA), Professional Fundraising Counsel, and Advocate for Animal Assisted Interventions and Therapies.

She developed a farm-based Children’s Grief Camp for those who experienced trauma. This unique, farm-based grief education camp combines farm animal assisted activities and therapies, farm related activities, and grief education sessions. It was created to serve children who have lost a loved one due to illness, accident, murder, or suicide; have been placed in foster care due to neglect or abuse; have parent(s) in active addiction; have parent(s) incarcerated.

VizVibe helped Suzanne create her brand, manage her multi-platform social media marketing, and production/post-production of her podcast "Chanel & Muckboots."

Learn more about Suzanne.


Various Custom Projects
Custom Design & Development, Interactive Experience Design & Development, Augmented Reality Content Development, AR Conversion, Immerse Content Creation & Consulting, Multimedia & Design.

Have a project in mind? We love helping our clients tell great stories through interactive content. With a keen eye for producing interactive digital content to maximize the overall user experience, our award winning team produces multi-layered content that enhances reach, engagement and overall user appeal.

The team at VizVibe is with you every step of the way. We help our clients create next-generation interactive experiences. We specialize in the design and development of a wide variety of media, from print, video, micro kiosks and web design to custom and augmented reality content, virtual experiences, apps and more.

Let's talk about your next project!

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Wilkes-Barre Walkitecture

Project Deliverables:
Booklet & AR Tourism app

An immersive and engaging tourism AR app that explores the history of Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania as part of a walking tour. The app has a guided map of the tour, informational pages, and interactive history elements throughout to bring the history alive!

To use the augmented reality features, you can grab a booklet in various places around Wilkes-Barre, or download the free PDF from our support site.

Learn More About Walkitecture

Visit the Walkitecture support site to learn more or download the app below.