Introducing AR KidsKit beta 1.0
A hand interacting with the AR KidsKit platform

What Is Augmented Reality On Demand?

In a nutshell, AR On Demand is simply the next generation of storytelling - storytelling that leverages the latest advances in today’s technology. At a deeper level, augmented reality is the layering of different types of media elements into traditional content to enrich the storytelling experience.

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AR KidsKit Mods

AR KidsKit content is organized into "Mods," which are similar to categories in streaming services. Kids simply choose a "Mod" that interests them and use the accompanying AR KidsKit app to start exploring.

Space Cadets AR KidsKit module

Featured Mods

Featured Mods are larger in scale, immersive AR experiences that are delivered once per quarter.

Our first Featured Mod is on the solar system. In a Featured Mod, kids will interact with content of different types, such as photo or video pop up experiences. Our goal is to have kids engage with tech to create opportunities to play without the tech.

A Featured Mod might also have additional add-on content opportunities from our subject matter experts for those kids who are really enjoying the Featured AR experiences.

The next Featured Mod that we're excited to share will be on honeybees.

Regular Mods

Regular Mods are typically a little smaller in scale, but still offer the same great interactive AR engagement opportunities. Regular Mods that we're launching with include "Wonders of the World" and "Robot Factory."

Future Mods we're excited about include trains and fossils. New Regular Mods are going to be updated monthly.

Pyramids Explorer AR KidsKit module

Paper Airplanes AR KidsKit module

Sandbox Mods

Sandbox Mods are more hands-on AR activities driven by our augmented reality pioneers. Sandbox Mods we're launching with include paper airplanes, a dragon game created by a ten year old, and pumpkin carving for Halloween.

Kids are quickly becoming AR pioneers – AR KidsKit leverages the new potential of augmented reality to fuel imaginations, inspire creativity, and create fun!

Want to know more about AR KidsKit and Augmented Reality in general? Check out the Frequently Asked Questions section below, and sign up for future email updates and announcements.

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Turn your kids' mobile devices into a collection of playful augmented reality experiences designed to promote curiosity and enhance learning!


Our Beta test begins October 1, 2021. A select group of parents and children have agreed to put a light version of our platform through its paces and provide us feedback on any and everything that can make the AR KidsKit experience better for all.

We call our AR experience topics "Mods". The Beta platform has one Featured Mod on space called Solar Space, two Regular Mods on Wonders of the World (pyramids and tombs) and a Robot Factory, and three Sandbox Mods on Paper Airplanes, an interactive Dragon Game, and Halloween Pumpkin Carving activities.

Much like the On Demand networks on your television, AR KidsKit is an Augmented Reality "Content" On-Demand Platform featuring AR content specifically designed for kids. It offers interactive experiences designed to promote learning along with play by exploring the world around us.

AR KidsKit offers a library of AR experiences and activities called AR Mods (Modules), think of these as categories that you scroll through to find something to watch. Once your child finds a Mod that they want to experience (watch) they use the accompanying AR KidsKit app to activate the AR content. Each AR Mod is created to empower children to unlock a series of interactive experiences to explore, discover, and have fun using them.

In a nutshell, AR on Demand is simply next generation storytelling. Storytelling that leverages the latest advances in today's technology.

At a deeper level, Augmented Reality is the layering of different types of digital media elements into traditional content to enrich the storytelling experience. We accomplish this by adding audio, video, 3D, or more into the traditional story to make it more immersive, interesting, and relatable for the audience.

When we say "On Demand," think of the format you have come to love on some of your favorite streaming services like Netflix, Hulu or Disney+. Simply put, AR on Demand is next generation storytelling that leverages the latest advances in today’s technology.

AR KidsKit will be a subscription service. Our software developers are parents too – in fact, our kids are some of the first to give us feedback on our new ideas! As parents, we are involved in the subscription service universe everyday.

We are currently gathering feedback on our pricing proposals as part of the Beta test, but we anticipate offering a monthly subscription price with a discount for annual purchases.

We will be releasing Beta 2 in the near future. This will have features in addition to the current AR Mod library, new Mods featuring an expanded selection with upgrades for Robot Factory (moving to Featured Mods), Create a Greeting Card (Sandbox), Explore Trains (Regular Mod), and Discovering Bees (Featured Mod).

We are excited to share how our testing is going and what we have on the horizon. Check back regularly to this landing page or sign-up for our email newsletter here.

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*Beta testing Phase 1 is now closed, but you can sign yourself up for future beta testing phases below.