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Maintenance using augmented reality

Industrial AR

Augmented Reality in the Industrial Workplace

Augmented reality (AR) is the real-time delivery of digital content like videos, audio, or animations, into a user's real-world environment. Unlike Virtual Reality (VR), which is a simulation of the user's reality, AR is the enhancement of the user's actual reality with specific digital assets based on the purpose of the experience.

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Augmented Reality Solutions

Defined Experiences within Industrial AR

Service and maintenance augmented reality

Augmented Maintenance

Minimize downtime by enabling non-expert staff to perform routine equipment updates and simple maintenance procedures. Expedite maintenance by providing users with the required solutions within the AR environment. VizVibe works with the corporate engineering department to define the maintenance experience solution. There is no cookie-cutter solution when it comes to your equipment maintenance, each AR process is defined to meet engineering standards.

Prevent Costly Errors & Increase Fix Rates

Your team can use an AR-enabled mobile app to scan or access exact information by superimposing guided videos, graphics, images by indicators called "target areas." These labels provide instant access to overlaid content that assist with questions, quality control and to quickly trouble shoot on machines.

AR technology quickly enables the engineer to detect any flaw and can also provide an example of as-designed assembly over the real as-built product.

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Augmented reality training

Augmented Training

Augmented reality has become an extremely powerful tool in training and workforce development and can help to bridge the skills gap. Today's workforce drives innovation, growth, and profit. The institutional knowledge gained through years of experience might be at risk as seasoned staff explore retirement options. Skilled workers are a target for recruiters and the competition; what if your company can't retain them? How will you train new staff members on complex processes without skilled mentors? Using interactive 3D imagery to enhance the work environment, VizVibe's Augmented Training solution is customized for each workstation or workflow process to guide employees through the task.

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Product demonstrations using augmented reality

Augmented Demonstration

AR is ideal for complex products.

Your sales teams need a real product to demo for prospective customers…but what if the product is too complex and expensive to produce? Have recent supply chain challenges prevented your sales team from getting the demonstration units they need to close the deal?

Augmented Demonstration provides a solution to move the deal forward. Using interactive 3D imagery developed from the product CAD files, VizVibe's AR demonstration solution can be used by the sales team and a mobile device to showcase the product to potential customers.

Augmented Demonstration is a game-changer for trade show and exhibition attendance. Reduced freight and set-up could mean more shows on the schedule.

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Our Clients

Ways our clients are currently using Augmented Reality (AR)

Enhanced Learning, Interaction & Unprecedented Support

  • Improve Setup & Installs
  • Cut Down On Maintenance/Support Time(s)
  • Reduce Production Downtime
  • 24/7 AR Support Videos/Overlays/Manuals & More
  • Augmented Reality For Training
  • Prevent Costly Errors & Increase Fix Rates
  • Enhance Trade Show Experiences, Sales Tools & Marketing Materials

Why Choose Augmented Reality Solutions by VizVibe?

VizVibe owns and developed the AR LaunchPad platform - we do not rebrand someone else's platform. This means we can provide custom solutions for any AR application you need.

Your requirements define our solution.

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Full Service

VizVibe started as an interactive design and content creation company. Our inhouse talent team can support your AR needs with expert design services for UI/UX, video, graphics, and animation.

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Education Background

VizVibe offers experience within the educational industry. We bring a deep understanding of the triangle of learning and provide the latest in instructional design and method of interactive learning.

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